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This page contains some answers to some commonly asked questions regarding Mass For You at Home:

Where can I find the readings for the week?
The readings for each week come from the Lectionary. A Missal which contains the prayers of the Mass and the cycle of readings can be purchased at most Churches or Catholic Bookshops. You could order one through the Daughters of St Paul by clicking here. For an on-line version of the readings each week you could try Text of the week.

Can we join in the congregation for MFYAH?
We tend to have very limited space in the Channel Ten studios and have a regular collection of people who assist with the Mass each week. It is not our intention that the studio become a proxy Church so discourage people attending as a replacement for their Parish involvement. If you belong to the parish of one of our regular celebrants you might ask him if you could attend one day.

Where can I purchase the music which is played during the Mass?
If you go to the Music page on this site there are links to publishers and bookstores which sell the CDs from which the Music for MFYAH is taken.

Will you put the music from MFYAH on this site to download?
MFYAH does not own the rights to the music which is played each week. It is paid for by a license which is owned by Channel 10 for broadcast only. Therefore we do not have permission from the copyright owners to use the music in any other way. Some of the music can be heard on-line or downloaded as MP3s from