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Auslan is the first language of Deaf and hearing impaired people in Australia. Mass For You At Home introduced signing to the program in approximately 1992. Fr Greg Burke was chaplain to the Deaf in Melbourne and he and Stan Batson offered to bring Auslan to MFYAH every week with the assistance of Marianne Bridge. Prior to that signing had only been used on "Deaf Sunday" each year. Over the years a dedicated team of signers have allowed the Deaf community to participate in the Mass every week with the assistance of our two Deaf consultants - Stan Batson in the early years and Bruno Broglio over the past decade. Bruno has become one of the most familiar faces on Mass For You At Home - he often participates in the Mass as the special minister and many viewers write in asking about Bruno if he misses a particular week.

Janette, Bruno and Pip

Signers over the years have included:
Fr Greg Bourke
Fr Julian Langridge
Marianne Bridge
Carmel Batson
Lee Papworth
Pip Cody
Sr Janette Murphy rsj
Tanya Miller
Donna Ashton
Mark Quinn
Nicole Maher

Their dedication to the mass and to the Deaf community is a blessing to us all.