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Mass For You At Home
has been broadcast by the 10 Network since August, 1971. The show's basic premise is to allow viewers to participate in a Sunday Mass from their homes. It is viewed by thousands of people across Australia every Sunday and this Mass is repeated on the Aurora Channel on Foxtel during the week. Our letters indicate that most of our viewers are those who are isolated from the usual parish celebration: through age, distance, illness or imprisonment. This website aims to allow our viewers to become more familiar with the program and to allow us, the people who make the program, to become more familiar with our viewers.

Please check local program guides for Mass broadcast times on either Channels 10 or 11. It would be wonderful if you could be thankful to Network 10 in their generosity to provide studio space, a crew and broadcast time with no advertising revenue. Please write to your local station or phone them to let them know that you appreciate their contribution to the ongoing broadcast of this program. Details of contact information can be found at

You can now view the Mass over the internet here

or view the Mass on Network 10's TenPlay site.

"Many inmates do have access to television so the televised Mass is a means of their being linked to the Church in centres that do not have the ministry of a Catholic priest and the provision of Mass on a regular basis."
Catholic Prison Ministry NSW Network

We hope to make this site a resource for people who are interested in the program and in the Catholic Mass itself. Your feedback is appreciated.


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